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Meet damon & melissa frazier

As a husband and wife team, we are great at telling your story through photography because we love doing it together.  Our photography business started out with a drone, a few house flips, and the need to market our own homes for sale.   

As committed and passionate professionals, we approach our photography services with an analysis of your business needs as if it were our own.   We hope to welcome you like our newest member of the family!

What sets DAMON apart as a drone pilot?

Finding the right angle for all aspects of drone photography not only comes from my artistic and technical abilities, but land surveying experience as well.  This knowledge gives me the ability to understand maps and practice important FAA safety standards out in the field.  

I’m here to make sure your aerial photos and videos are captured and delivered in a timely and professional manner here in the Golden State.

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When you work with Vista Point Drones Photography, you’re supporting a local business!

Let us help you get started. Contact us to discuss your photography needs in the Anderson and surrounding areas of the Upstate.

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